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PrevenTN is a project of the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence that aims to raise awareness and works to prevent all forms of intimate partner and sexual violence.  Evidence-based programs target these forms of violence at all levels of the social ecological model by challenging the societal norms and structures that support violence. PrevenTN provides professionals, stakeholders, and community leaders with the tools they need to interrupt violence at its source by providing trainings, resources, programs, and peer led initiatives.


We recognize the intersectional nature of violence and the role that racism, sexism, classism, and oppression play in enabling and propagating violence.  As such, we must unite together to seek justice, embrace the transformational change that is needed to dismantle all forms of oppression, and actively work to create a world where everyone is safe in their homes and communities.


We have chosen the lotus as our logo because the lotus is a symbol of resilience in many cultures. Through mud and storms, the beautiful lotus flower blooms, reminding us that hope springs from the darkest of places.  Our fight for a safer and more just world is deeply rooted in a resilient hope, like the lotus flower.

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Data on risk factors and predictors of violence

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